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Ber Baba Buddha Travel

Sikh religion gave birth to so many pious and saintly people and Baba Buddha was one of such prominent figure, who adorns a remarkable position in the entire history of this sacred faith. It is believed that this sage was authorized with the construction of the Sarovar in the premises of the Golden temple.

It is also believed that Baba Buddha used to sit under a tree, which is still preserved in the temple. This tree, which is called beri in the local language is famed as the Ber Baba Buddha, which literally means the Baba Buddha’s tree.

As per one legend that is prominent among the Sikh community, it was due to the blessings of Baba Buddha that Guru Arjan Dev had got a child. Large number of devotees frequents her with the strong belief that they would be blessed with a child after the holy darshan of Beri Babba Buddha.

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