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Amritsar Travel Guide

The city of Amritsar is a glistening showcase of combine traditions and secular culture. A flourishing city with important devout centers and historical sites Amritsar displays a glorious past, glorious present and a hopeful future. A substantial city of Majha region, it has been ennobled the prestigious title of the jewel of Punjab. A comfortable depository of national heritage and religion, it has been notable as the abode of all merits.

A synonym of Sikh religion, every devotional Sikh desires to be sanctified with a pilgrimage to Amritsar and to have a divine bath at the Golden Temple. A trip to Amritsar is supposed to cleanse the soul of the pilgrim. An incarnation of Sikh belief, the core of Punjab’s political affairs, an opening to the Gulf Countries, a alert sentry at the Indo-Pak border, Amritsar embellishes a noteworthy place in the Indian subcontinent.

An image of encounter against the British authoritarianism and the nucleus of Akali movements, Amritsar recalls the fierce outpouring of the Muslim invaders of the medieval India. Amritsar is like a lozenge with many features. The essential strength of the city rests in its effervescent monuments, sacred temples, pretty shrines and most of all in its folk arts and the tasty cuisine. The city of Amritsar is blessed with a sociable and hospitable people, who are, reliable, casual and mirthful with a tremendous enthusiasm. They are lovesome of good cuisine, good dress and all the good conveniences in life. Amritsar is not just an average Indian city bestowed with enormous attractivenesses; on the other hand it exhibits a stunning elegance and a lifestyle. In spite of its modern outlook, the city still continues and emanates a vital and enriching uniqueness.

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