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Taragarh Fort Travel

Constructed in AD 1354, Taragarh Fort is an imposing citadel in Bundi city. Now a rickety structure, this fort is situated on Nagpahari hillside.

The ruins of the daunting gateways itself is a glittering edifice to the past glory of the fort. Though inaccessible, the most impressive structure of this amazing bastion is the tunnels that interweave through the whole hill.

The fort houses some astounding formations inside its huge walls. Its colossal water tank, the Rani Mahal and Miran Saheb ki Dargah are some of the important structures, which makes the trip a worthy one. A splendid display of the Rajasthani Architecture, the one-time Chauhan stronghold provides the picturesque scenery of the majestic Aravalli ranges and the entire valley.

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