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Mayo College Museum Travel

Started by the then Viceroy of British India, Mayo College is one among the best educational institutions in India. Mayo College is famed not only for the excellence of edification it impart, but also for its architectural grandeur. Built in 1875 with white marble, this is a classic example for the celebrated Indo-Saracenic architecture. This style is found its place in the Archive wing of the British Museum in London. This prestigious institution is also called as Eton of the East.

Mayo College, also houses a great museum. The college museum holds assorted bits and pieces that are correlated to wide-ranging and sundry areas of knowledge and understanding.

The museum also displays invaluable pieces of artifacts and also has an arsenal division. The college museum is recognized to be the paramount museum among all the college museums in the world. The campus life is fairly motivating for students. The college aims at the all round development of its students.

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