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Ana Sagar Travel

A dazzling milestone in the history of Ajmeer, Ana Sagar Lake has witnessed the rise and fall of numerous dynasties. Flanked by some of the most fabulous attractions, this beautiful lake is the innovative outlook of King Anaji.

The lake is surrounded by some of the marvelous piece of attractions of the city like the marble pavilions built by king Shajahan. Besides this, a pretty shrine of Khobra Behroon on the banks of this artificial lake offers a picturesque appearance to the surroundings.

Built in the year 12th century, the lake was constructed by blocking the gushing waters of the Luni River. The pretty ambience that bounds this artificial lake makes it a popular picnic spot now a days. Visitors flock together around this beautiful lagoon between October to March, when the lake is at its majestic beauty. During this time, the lake is fed with water up to its brim and the weather is salubriously cool

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