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Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra Travel

Adhai-din ka Jhonpra eventually represents religious vandalism of Muslim Powers and it is constructed in the place of a Jain temple. Since then it took only two and a half days to finish the construction of the mosque, it became known as Adhai-din which literally means two and a half days. In the beginning the structure was a Sanskrit college, and later in 1198 Muhammad Ghori changed it into a mosque. A perfect blend of Hindu Muslim architecture, the seven-arched wall and the pillars of this pretty shrine makes special attraction.

The fascia of this lovely mosque consists of numerous small arches of yellow limestone. Six smaller arches of Arab origin wherein tiny rectangular panels are placed for a lighting system, is a unique feature found in ancient Arabian mosques. The core of the Jhonpra looks like a Hindu temple than that of a mosque, with a main hall prop up by splendid columns. Three pillars are positioned over in such a way that the shrine looks more elevated than the actual height. With its exquisitely carved ceilings, exceptionally designed columns, this marvelous structure catches the attention of any tourist.

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