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Panch Mahal Travel Guide

A big five storied pavilion placed in the Fatehpur Sikri fort complex, Panch Mahal was believed to be the pleasure and relaxation place for Mughal emperor Akbar. The pavilion is made up of beautiful red sandstone and is at the highest point in Fatehpur Sikri. This is a monument depicting the architectural marvel of Persian style of construction

Panch Mahal was the residential pavilion for his queens and the pavilion has stone screens prohibiting the view from outside. Presently the screens were removed and the columns are visible from outside. There was a marvelous and imposing dome supported by four columns

The pavilion steeps in a progressive style and each floor is connected to the next floor through well crafted stairs. The first floor has 84 pillars, second floor has 56 pillars, third floor has 20 pillars and the fourth floor has 12 pillars. All the pillars are carved with beautiful images and are very attractive


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