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Mariam's Tomb Travel

IMariyam's Tomb, an exquisite construction of 1611 AD, is located at Sikandra in the Christian Missionary Society compound about 13 km from Agra.

The tomb is built for Mariyam, Mughal emperor Akbar’s beautiful wife from Goa. This tomb has been a great attraction due to its elegant carvings on the walls and also the marvelous beauty of red sandstone structure.

Mariam known widely as ‘Mariam Zamani’, the mother of Jahangir, was a most respectable queen in Mughal dynasty. It was Jehangir built this marvelous tomb for his mother after her death. The tomb is the real specimen of Mughal style of architecture with beauty embedded design. The tomb looks alike from front or back, which is a special feature of this tomb. This is praise worthy tomb to visit


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