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Tripura>>Agartala>>Wild Life Scantuary

Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary Travel

The Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary cover an area of 197.7 sq km, was formally in 1988. Rich in flora and fauna the Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary of Tripura boastings of forest reserve with ample patches unaffected by human presence.

The sanctuary has been cautiously pondered to act as instructive and illuminating tools for the younger generation visiting the Sanctuary.

The main source of the attraction of the Park is the Indian Gaur (Bison) in accession to many resident and migratory avian guests. Apart from a large collection of fauna the park plays host to several bird species viz. Pheasant tailed Jacana, Red Jungle Fowl, White breasted King Fisher, Indian Black Drongo, etc. The park is also gifted with few water bodies within its premises and these spots have been noted as special zones for animal and bird familiarization and behavioral study.

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