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A great devout destination on the banks of river Shipra, Ujjain, in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh is looked upon a consecrated place since time immemorial. A spiritual city, which got its reference in the ancient Hindu scriptures as Avantika, Ujjain placed in equal terms with other major spiritual centers. Afterwards the name was changed to Ujjayini, which literally entails the glorious conqueror.

One among the seven sanctified holy cities of the Hindus, Ujjain has been an eminent center of spiritual activities for over 2,000 years. The spirituality of this destination is assigned by the fabulous legend that during ‘Sagar Mathan’, one drop of ambrosia slopped over Ujjain, which gets in a sacred place. Whatsoever be the truth behind this, Ujjain has got a substantial position in the Vedas and it is conceived that two parts of Skanda Purana, are imagined to have been compiled here.

Destroyed carvings and cloisters have been found dispersed around Ujjain, extending to the acceptance that Buddhism flourished here in the 4th century. A englut of these, along with destroyed temples and old oddments of houses found in the district take the holidaymakers to the historic reign of the Mauryan Empire. Ujjain’s relevance is not strained to the small band of a spiritual place. Apart from that, this holy destination was a harbour of astronomers and great poets. Besides this Ujjain was reigned over by many great rulers who have given out their best to this historic city of Ujjain. The famous kings of the Gupta dynasty whose reign is regarded as the golden rule of India belonged to Ujjain.

Festal occasions and fairs act as a substantial role in the lives of people in Ujjain. An ancient religious centre, Ujjain is famous for the Kumbh Mela, Ardha Kumbh and Shivaratri. Today the city of Ujjain poses an unparalleled flux of magnificent past with the reverberance of modernity. A plethora of ruined temples, discredited sculptures, ancient monasteries along with appealing monuments and a calm atmosphere, Ujjain renders limitless chances of exploration.

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