Burberry's coming home: Christopher Bailey explains the brand's return to London

Burberry Outlet Prorsum will show at London Collections

In this season's most high-profile schedule change, Christopher Bailey announced that after a decade of shows in Milan he was moving Burberry Prorsum back to Britain for London Collections: Men. We caught up with the brand's mastermind to talk the best-dressed British men, his favourite bands and Burberry's power-move back to the capital.

Can you tell us about what we might expect from your first men's show in London?

Christopher Bailey: It's an amazing time to be bringing the show home. London is the creative heart of the Burberry brand and has such a unique energy - steeped in the incredibly rich tradition of British menswear but with outstanding, innovative young talent coming out of its design schools. I'm so inspired by that mix of heritage and modernity, along with a few iconic Brits that I admire who are references for the show.

What is it about British style that has made Burberry so popular all over the world?

I think British style is much more about a mindset than a "formula". For me, its charm lies in its effortlessness - a sort of thrown-together elegance, coupled with a quiet confidence.

You've been widely credited with turning Burberry Outlet Online into the superpower it is today. How do you do it?

I just feel very fortunate to have incredible material to work with. Burberry is a source of constant inspiration to me of season after season, I keep discovering more facets to the brand and its history. These give me fresh perspectives and new ideas, but always centre on the brand's unique and powerful core. It's just a privilege to be able to contribute something to a story that's been 157 years in the making; there's something magical about that. I am also lucky to work with some amazing people, many of whom have been with me throughout my time with the company. I love that every one of them still has the same passion and energy as the day we all started - that keeps me pretty inspired!

What's the next frontier for Burberry post LC:M?

We'll continue to do a lot more with menswear. We're on this amazing journey right now, reclaiming Burberry's menswear heritage and making it relevant for today ­ whether that's through classic tailoring, or innovative accessories, or of course the outerwear that is the heart and soul of the brand. We still have so much more to do and explore in this area so watch out for some really exciting projects in the coming months, including the launch of a new men's fragrance in the Autumn.

Having hosted gigs in the store, which would be your dream band to have perform?

Honestly I couldn't pick one, we have so much incredible music talent here in the UK. I love what Jake Bugg is doing and I am really excited about a guy called George Ezra at the moment - they both bring an incredible energy to what they do. And I was blown away by the Kaiser Chiefs' recent live performance at Burberry Regent Street!

What's your most important style rule?

I think you shouldn't try too hard - it should just be natural and authentic. To me, when you throw something on it looks much better than when you spend hours trying to look immaculate.

What should no man have in his wardrobe?

I don't think there is any one thing, but I think that's is important to look like yourself and not like you are imitating someone else - a relaxed attitude and a couple of classics in the wardrobe works.

Who is the best-dressed British man right now?

Tom Sturridge, Dev Patel and the Treadaways have a great sense of style - and all wear a suit impeccably!

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