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Bali is one of the very popular islands of Indonesia. The unmatched beauty of this island is quite unforgettable. Situated in the western end of the smaller Sunda Islands,

Bali is one of the very popular islands of Indonesia. The unmatched beauty of this island is quite unforgettable. Situated in the western end of the smaller Sunda Islands, it has a population recorded as 3,891,000 aaccording to the report of 2010 census. It is thronged with several Indonesia's small Hindu minority. Renowned as the most captivating tourist destination in the world, Bali gives a unique experience to all the visitors.

It is widely famous for highly widened arts featuring sculpture, painting, leather, metalworking, and music. Over many years, it has been the most favoured spot amongst the global travelers. Today, Bali is rated as one of the twenty six territories of the Republic of Indonesia. Balinese culture was powerfully taken by Indian, Chinese and most importantly Hindu culture. The beginning of its culture has taken place during the 1st century AD. The origin of the word Bali was noticed by some inscriptions. Mostly, inscription was taken from the Blanjong pillar witten by Sri Kesari Warmadewa. About 2000 BC, Bali was served as the residence of Austronesian peoples who migrated initially from Taiwan throughout Maritime Southeast Asia.

Existence of nine Hindu sects in the ancient Bali are, namely Ganapatya, Resi, Brahma, Sora, Waisnawa, Siwa Sidharta, Bodha, Bhairawa and Pasupata. Today, people of this place is followed some ancient religious and cultural tradition that was existed back to this period. At the same time, Balinese colony was established by Hindu Majapahit Empire during 1293–1520 AD. In the 15th century, Empire was almost declined intellectuals, artists, priests, and musicians were emigrated from Java to Bali.

Blessed with immerse beauty, Bali is undoubtedly one of the fascinating tourist spots in Indonesia that houses plenty of beautiful beaches to enjoy your holiday. Top-listed beaches of Bali are mentioned below: Kuta Beach-Kuta beach is unquestionably Baliís much-loved Beach which is thronged by a large number of tourists throughout the year. Nowadays, one will find luxurious hotels, restaurants, bars and night clubs here to enjoy. It is also considered as the perfect location for those who want peace and calm. Sanur Beach- Located on the southeastern side, it is one of most popular beaches in Bali that offers pleasant environment and green surroundings to enjoy. Jimbaran Beach is a real paradise for sunbathers looking for a stretched, calm, picturesque tropical beach in Bali. Lovina Beach lies on the northern side of Bali. The black sand beaches offering ample water activities such as snorkeling and diving. Also renowned for dolphin spotting, one will surely fascinate with it. Just south of Kuta Beach, Padang Padang Beach is located which is known for its fascinating surroundings and cool breeze. Amongst beaches in Bali, Padang Padang is a real pearl that offers various water sports such as swimming, snorkeling and surfing. Referred as romantic beach in Bali, Dreamland Beach is a 25 minute drive from Kuta. Being a significant spot to visit, it is encircled by limestone cliffs
Recognized as the “island of a thousand temples”, Bali is an Indonesian island lying between Java to the west and Lombok to the east. Here’s a list of the most popular temples in Bali are outlined below:

Besakih Temple (Mother Temple)
Located in the village of Besakih, Besakih Temple is a collection of temples on the side of Mount Agung. Also known as Mother Temple, this temple is considered as one of the most visited temples in Bali built over 1000 years old.

Tanah Lot Temple

Often declared as “Land in the Middle of the sea”, Tanah Lot is the most famous of Bali’s temples that sits just off the coast on a rock. The best time to visit here at evening when the sight is spectacular and provides great photos. The temple is supposed to be the work of 15th century priest Nirartha.

Pura Luhur (Uluwatu) Temple

Built in the 11th century, Pura Luhur is a Balinese Sea Temple at Uluwatu on Bali, famous as one of the most magnificent temples sitting atop the cliffs.

Pura Tirta Empul
Goes back to 926 AD, Bali, Pura Tirta Empul dates is considered as one of the widely famous temples in Bali. The spring water of this holy place is like healing properties of the priest.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

Positioned at the second position amongst all Bali’s temple, Pura Bratan is found on the shores of Danau Bratan in the mountains near Bedugul. Built in 1926, the temple is devoted to Dewi Batari Ulun Danu, goddess of lakes and rivers.

Goa Lawah Temple

Located along the coast of southeastern Bali just west of Candidasa Goa Lawah, the name of temple derives from ‘Bat Cave’, just west of Candidasa. Created in 1007 AD, the temple is constructed around a cave filled with thousands of bats to protect Bali from evils spirits from the SE.

Taman Ayun Temple in Mengwi

Known as Royal Temple of the Mengwi Empire, situated in Mengwi Village. Taman Ayun describes as “beautiful garden’ and also considered as one of the much loved temples of Bali.
Puri Lukisan Museum, Ubud
Rudolf Bonnet and Cokorda Gde Agung Sukawati created this museum. At the time the unique country-style fine art was originated of the Pita Maha in 1930. This museum is housed with a vast collection of 150 paintings and 62 pieces of sculpture, but a powerful idea precious to leave a lot of aesthetic art and culture to the next generation. This is the first art museum in Bali.

Kirtya Gedong Museum, Singaraja
Built in 1928, it represents thousands of letters in the shape of ancient Balinese chronic kakawin, taken from old Balinese poetry geguritan, and is written on palm leaves, stored in the original building.

Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali, Denpasar
On December 8, 1932, the museum was established by Yayasan Bali Museum which serves archaeological fine arts and ethnographic collections.

Manusa Yadnya Museum, Taman Ayun
This museum was designed especially to tell the development of human life, uterine until death.
Subak Museum, Tabanan
Since the Regency of Bali, famous for "rice ware-house," it's no wonder that it is a museum of Subak. It houses a wide collection of fine objects that are related to agriculture, particularly irrigation equipment which is very typical in Bali, called Subak.

Gedong Ark Museum, Ubud
This museum is located in Bedulu Village. The collection consists of archaeological sites that reflect the history of cultural development Balinese.

Neka Museum, Ubud
The Museum of Fine Arts stores Kamasan style of the 16th century to modern painting in the 20th century century. The entire collection is displayed chronologically, so it is able to describe the development of the artistic history of Bali, from the earliest times until the influence of foreign art that enrich the Balinese arts.

Museum Seni Lukis Klasik, Klungkung
The owner of this museum, Nyoman Gunars masterpiece shows the work at the end of the museum's collection which is documented in the classic paintings of Bali. The museum is located in the village of Banda.
Nyoman Rudan Museum, Ubud
This three-story museum in the village of Mas, Tri Angga takes notice that there are three parts of the body, head, body and legs. The collection is associated finest arts of Balinese painters of the United Klungkung charm to this day.
Almost all the beautiful islands of Indonesia have their own unique dance styles. One of the best known dances is originated from Bali and Java. Dance and theater are almost indistinguishable, and the performances are almost always accompanied by gamelan music. The dancers are very serious about art, and endless hours of practice, usually in childhood, under the supervision of an expert. Unlike Western-style dance, dance in Indonesia is accurate, sometimes jerky and sudden. The impressions are shown in dances are also very expressive, with the involvement of fiber of dancers by moving the eyes and fingers twitching. Each dance tells a story, often in the history of the Hindu epic Ramayana.

More than a fun activity, Rangda and Barong dance drama is a colorful and lively. Rangda the witch is the widow of evil. There are also barong supporters waving men Crisis dagger. Although the barong is playful and jovial, once appeared attack Rangda, became the protector and the battles with gunmen retaliated Kris. Rangda puts men in a trance and become their own daggers.

Another most graceful and the Balinese dances of Bali is Legong dance. It presents into different types of Legong dances, but is most commonly performed Legong Kraton (Legong palace). Condong presents dance, and then exit the scene. Then there will be two that are closely legongs dressed in gold brocade and artistically composed. They danced in the formation of exact gamelan accompaniment. Condong performance ends when the wings of gold, like a bird of bad luck, it means that the king dies in battle.

The most famous Kecak dance Balinese is a beautiful presentation describing a story of intrigue and romance in the Ramayana. Chapel Choir of the men bare-chested, wearing a black-white-checkered sarongs and hibiscus flowers behind their ears singing the characteristic intensity "Chak-Chak-Chak", which is characteristic of this dance.
Topeng Dance in Bali is yet another enchanting form of dance that was originated from "face", so the masks. In this type of dance, Topeng Balinese masks are decorated in bright colors on eye-catching human face. A variety of signs to show masks are processed by a single performer. The dancer usually the songs, and speaks only the language of Bali.

When Indonesia proclaimed its independence in 1945 and has endorsed religion. Today, it has become an exclusively Muslim country. Indonesia is, in fact, the largest Muslim nation in the state of the world, with a moderate form of Islam people. But the majority of a small minority in also presented comprising of religions.
• Muslims: 88%
• Christian (Protestant and Catholic): 10%
• Hindu and Buddhist: 2%
Around 2,000 years ago, the villages of Java evolved into small kingdoms, which consist of several villages with a leader. Each small kingdom developed its own variety of tribal and ethnic faith. These early Indonesians were animists and ancestor worship practiced, and spiritualism.
The Batur Caldera is one of the much-loved spots in the world. Often portrayed as "Trekking with the gods”, this place sits along the edge of the huge crater offering different activities of trekking. This place offers the visitors some captivating sites to explore. While touring Bali, you can have an insight of traditional villages, including Bali Aga village Trunyan where one can experience the activities of animal practices. With the passing a day, about 5.30pm, you can watch both points of view of the sunrise over the sea, majestic mountains, terrace, around the caldera and Mount Rinjani in Lombok.

Perched in the northeastern part of Bali Island, The Batur Caldera is an egg-shaped collapse structure having a 13.8 by 10 km size and another central spherical collapse structure has a diameter of 7.5 km. Through sil icic andesite lavas and domes, two stages of the collapse were suspended. Due to a steep-walled depression has taken place trough which the first collapse was initiated by the eruption. The second ignimbrite was exploded from a huge hole and it was generated about 19 km3 called the "Gunungkawi Ignimbrite" about 20,150 years B.P.

Since the year 1800, Mount Batur has had 24 times erupted with one of the most evil detonations being in 1917 that have destroyed many lives and many holy places. Though still very much active, farmers still do farming on this land close to Lake Batur. It is basically used for functioning as irrigation source on many research agricultural schemes. Mount Batur increases within the rotating squeeze of the caldera to a height of 5633 feet above sea level.

Bali Volcano Tour

Batur is the liveliest volcano on the enthralling tourist island of Bali. Over past decades, various heavy eruptions took place at Batur in every few years.
History of the Batur Volcano
During the upheavals that scratched the evolution of forelast poles of the Earth, an explosion of incredible magnitude Batur caldera formed giant with a diameter of approx. 13 km. Before the eruption of Mount Batur has increased by about 3800 m above sea level, and was thus higher than Mount Agung (3142 m / 10,308 ft).

The volcano is located in the center of two concentric calderas north-west of Mount Agung. External 10 x 13.5 km wide, Caldera was born during the outbreak in Bali (or Ubud) Ignimbrite about 29300 years ago and now is the Caldera, the SE side of the lake, in front of the cone 2152 m high Gunung satellitic Abang, topographical complex Batur.

Inside 6.4 x 9.4 km wide crater was formed 20,150 years ago during the epidemic Gunungkawi ignimbrite. SE within the caldera wall is under Lake Batur, Batur cone has been built in the inner caldera to a height above the outer edge of the caldera. The 1717-meter-high Batur stratovolcano has produced vents over much of the caldera-house, but a system of NE-SW fissure was located Batur I, II and III craters along the summit ridge.

Historical eruptions are distinguished by modest explosive activity sometimes accompanied by emission of lava. Basaltic lava flows of the summit and flank vents have reached the plan Batur Caldera and the beach in the historical time

Elephant Safari in Bali

A fter three years of growth, The Elephant Safari Park was formally released by the Minister of Tourism in the 2000s. According to the reports of official member of the World Zoo Association, the park was established to meet with the worldwide standards for animal care. However, it was installed more than 2 hectares of exotic eco botanical gardens, enclosed by national forest.

Hailed is considered as the best parks in the world of elephants, featuring a museum complete that offers a large collection of elephant memorabilia. It is also rooted education facilities, a full Reception and Information Centre. While touring Bali, a visit to the Elephant Safari Park should not be missed by any visitor. One can struck his eyes with amazing animals in a beautiful tropical park in Bali. Elephants can be seen plunging into the lake of the park, meanwhile riding, sculpturing or some art activities. Feeding and touching them with hands and also take pictures of animals gives a unique experience. One can also learn more about the elephant’s ancestry and variety of historical exhibits and striking Park through a ride.

200-seat restaurant overlooking the lake are the perfect placers ideal for large groups or wedding, offering an international menu to enjoy. The park offers a wide range of decorative items to adorn of elephant including elephant paintings, elephant ivory, mammoth ivory, carvings, clothing, souvenirs etc to look amazing. Have a gaze over intelligence and the ability of elephants in the Park Arena and elephants which are embellished with painting, selected times a day

Sitting high a top and elephant is a great experience that one cannot forget in his full life. Take ride through the jungle Fresh Taro is simply fun and excitement that you may not miss. Tour to this park is an exiting ride which takes you not only close with exotic animals but also offers you to enjoy extra-ordinary services of air-conditioned hotels such as safari, delicious buffet lunch and free insurance all in one package.

Golf Course Tour in Bali

If you are in Indonesia and seeking an adventure location for golfing, so you have come to the right site and that is Bali golf course. It is one amongst Indonesia’s most popular site which offers a great opportunity to desirable golfers from all over the world. Also referred as “One of Asia's 5 Best Golf Courses", it is voted by Fortune Magazine - U.S.A. The environment of this golf course is quite mature, surrounded by tall trees and the pleasing outlook of lakes has been given a different appeal.
The modern and well-constructed green lawns of this golf add to the artistic attractiveness of the course. With the introduction of these modifications, some new challenges have come up to all golfers of all skill levels.

To make a smooth flatted surface, the greens have designed with severe undulations. The delicate breaks on the greens will always keep the golfer guessing. The main factor of wind is few holes, especially on hole 2 that will make surface good and offer a variety of great game of golf to the challengers.

Nestled around the 9th hole, The Villas at Bali Golf & Country Club has a welcoming nature that invites all the guests with warm hospitality with open arms offering beautiful views of the emerald fairways to the turquoise marine beyond.
Experience the sound of chirping birds; swim a few laps in your private swimming pool and enjoy breakfast offered to you on the veranda at this villa.

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